Logical Data Recovery Training


D1 .1 Introduction to Storage Device , Hard disk types , Models and O.S

  • HDD Traditional Hard disk drives
  • Floppy Disk , Zip Drive, Tape Disk,CD/DVD, USB pen drive, Mobile technology storage
  • Types of hard disk 3.5” 2.5” 1.8”
  • Different hard disk converter, ( 1.8 zip, scsi, id, sata , micro sata , sca80, )
  • SSD solid state disk
  • Different types of Hard disk Converter usd
  • Difference between HDD & SDD disk drive
  • Basic understanding between different OS with different version
  • Windows (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5)
  • Unix (UFS, EAFS, HTFS, VxFS, FFS), Linux (Ext2, Ext3,Ext4 JFS, ReiserFS)
  • Apple Macintosh (HFS, HFS+), Novell Netware (NWFS, Net386, NSS)
  • Difference between FAT & NTFS, Hard disk different models
  • Identify hard disk size from models no

D1.2 Hard Disk Data recovery common problems, with fault

A . LOGICAL DATA RECOVERY PROBLEMS (disk detected in BIOS are mainly logical problems)
Common faults of logical problems

  • Failure of Boot Sector, Master Boot Record MBR Failure
  • Operating System Malfunction or Crash
  • Partition shows but not access, Partition automatic loss, Data loss due to virus
  • Format error message
  • Your system will not boot. You might get a  message. “no boot-up disk available”
  • A file may contain no data or just partial, even incorrect data.
  • Message hard disk not recognize
  • Message that there is no free space available on disk
  • Corruption of files on files systems, Corrupt File System Structure
  • Cross Linked Files, Reformatted or Re-partition Hard Drive

We can used logical software for user mistakes for recovery

  •  Formatted hard disk
  •  Deleted files & folders
  •  Accidental Deletion of Data
  •  Improper Shutdown:

Memory card error

  •  Format
  •  Card error
  •  No data shown

PHYSICAL PROBLEMS (not detected in bios are main physical problems)
Logic board (controller) failures.

  • Totally dead Hard Drive does not spin up
  • When hard disk connects to computer, computer does not start or hangs
  • Broken power connectors, Broken data connectors
  • Spindle/arm driver chip failure
  • You can see a burned component on the hard drive circuit board.
  • Connector of motor or head is damaged
  • Printed circuit board failures including pre-amplification
  • TVS diode blow up, Protection fuse, 0ohms resistor open
  • PCB Damaged due to liquid, Fire Damage, Ceramic capacitor short
  • Mosfet short, or not giving output, Data connector resistor open, Electric shock


  • Clicking hard drive, Drive not spinning, Head crash, Damaged Platters
  • Actuator failure, Stepper motor failure, Spindle bearing seizure (block)
  • More voice from hard disk, Head stuck on platter, Liquid Damage, Fire Damage,
  • Dropped Hard Drives


  • Hard disk not found in bios at all
  • Model of hard disk shows wrong
  • Head sticking voice ( may be due to firmware if hardware ok )
  • Shows up with wrong S/N, Show up with wrong Model no
  • Hard disk spinning but not shown in bios
  • Hard disk asked for password, Bad sector
  • Hang up on particular sectors
  • Identifies fine but fails to read any data or boot up operating system giving I/O Device errors
  • Smart error, Primary Master Hard Disk Fail
  • No operating system found, USB Device malfunctioned
  • M.A.R.T. Capable But Command Failed
  • Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter
  • Hard drive not recognized
  • Drive Mount Failure or some other hard drive boot error.
  • The hard disk will spin up when powered on, but be incorrectly recognized / not recognized at all by the computer
  • The hard disk will spin up & be recognized correctly by the computer but the system will then hang during the boot process

D1 .3 Understanding Hard Disk Structure

  • Hard disk structure, Disk Platter, Read Write Head, Spindle motor, Head arm, Head actuator (voice coil actuator), Air Filter, Tracks, Sectors, Cylinders, Cluster, Cluster size in FAT& NTFS, CHS cylinder head sector addressing, ZBR zoned boot record, Types of connection, SCSI, SATA, PATA, LBA & CHS calculation , Sector , Cluster addressing, Logical & physical addressing.


  • HDA head and disk assembly, PCB printed circuit board
  • MCU micro Controller Unit, VCM voice coil motor controller
  • Buffer Memory, Flash chips, Shock sensor
  • TVS diode transient voltage suppression diode
  • Breath hole, Head contacts, Motor Contacts
  • Re-circulation filter, Top dumper
  • Top platter, Platter clamp, Top magnet
  • Plate with heads and connectors
  • HSA head stack assembly, HSA stopper
  • VCM voice coil motor, VCM HSA Actuator, Arm
  • HGA Head Gimbals Assembly
  • Bearing, FPC flexible printer circuit, Gasket, Sliders
  • ABS air bearing surface, Preamp, Heater, Gimbal
  • Platter Clamp, Spacer ring, WD Internal parts demo

D1.5 Understanding data stored on hard disk & Microsoft files structure

  • What is a file system?
  • Types of files systems
  • DOS 3.3 (FAT12), DOS 5.0 (FAT16), Windows 3.1 (FAT16), Windows 95  (FAT32 OSR 2), Windows 98/ME (FAT32), Windows NT/2K/XP (FAT32 / NTFS),
  • FAT file allocation table, NTFS New technology files system, FAT/NTFS COMPARISON ,
  • How FAT works, How data store in hard disk in fat, Explaining disk block, allocation method, File slack space,
  • Linked allocation, Attributes of files systems, NTFS File attributes, MFT files working idea, Deleting NTFS FILES.

D1.6 working concept of Format, Partition & computer booting process,

  • Initializing a Hard drive, Low level Format (factory)
  • Initializing a hard drive with FDISK, Master partition table
  • Partition type codes, Partition table entry, Single primary partition
  • One primary with extended partition, Boot process, Hard disk boot sequence (dos), Windows 2000 boot process, Post,  MBR, Boot Record
  • MBR (Master Boot Record), GPT (GUID Partition Table), NTFS, Partition boot sector, MFT (master file table), Used of different software

D1.7 Data recovery Software used for different problems, steps with features

  • Data Recovery of MBR corrupted, Data Recovery of Deleted Files, Deleted Partition, Data Recovery from Reformatted Partition
  • Data Recovery from External Drives, Data Recovery from USB Drive, Camera Card, Data Recovery from CD/DVD
  • Data Recovery as RAW Recovery, Data Recovery from Damaged Sector, Data Recovery from RAID

Recovery Features

  • FAT Support, NTFS Support, Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Media File Recovery, Email Files Recovery, Microsoft Office File Recovery, Recovers from Unbootable Drive

Search and Recovery Options

  • Search by File Extension, Search by Date, Search by File Size, File Preview, Batch Recovery, Saves Scan Information, Network Recovery , Help & Support, Supported Configurations, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

Top common data recovery software used in market

  • Stellar Phoenix, R Studio, Data rescue, Get data back, Icare, Power data recovery, Salvation, Encase, Kernel, Ptods, Hard disk Stennar, Hard disk Regenerator.

          Corrupted files repair software

  • Excell repair, Access repair, Power point repair, Jpg repair, Backup files
  • Repai video master avi, divx,xvid,mpeg, rm, rmvb, asf, wmv, wma , ac3

 Understanding Basic concept of RAID

D1. 8 Pen drive and Memory card logically data recovery concept

  • Pen drive data recovery
  • Memory card data recovery concept
  • Data recovery from Pen drives
  • Data recovery from memory card
  • Data recovery from Zip drives concept
  • Data recovery concept of iPods, Digital cameras, Mobile phone, etc