In This Foundation Module, You Will Learn:

  • Common problem due to physical damage
  • Donor Matching of patient hard disk, tools used and care about do and don’t
  • In this course physical repair like parts replacement idea
  • Head, preamp, magnet, voice coil, motor replacement



1. Hdd Physical Repairing Concept

  • Mechanical Failure Problems (click voice, head stuck, spindle jam, scratch voice, water damage, filter damage, voice coil)
  • Introduction about storage of data on platter (head, preamp, voice, coil, platter, spindle)
  • Platter surface layers (lubricant, carbon, magnetic, aluminum)
  • Introduction to data recovery tools (Low end, medium end, high end, very high)
  • Explaining Different head voice coming from hard disk (11,7,5,3 clicking, scratch, high voice etc.)
  • Donor Selection of Different Hard Disk for patient (head, Magnet, Spindle motor, PCB )
  • Matching criteria of donor hard disk (model no, MLC, firmware, made in, Site Code, Firmware code, Key Maxtor)
  • Data recovery hardware instrument detail and used detail with demo on opening hard disk (clean room, head replacement, Head unstuck tools, spindle motor remover, magnet remove tools, clean cloth, hand gloves, cap, etc)
  • Steps for opening hard disk, video, instruction, (do’s, don’t while opening, donor selection, use of instruments)
  • Inspection of patient hard disk before replacing parts (already opened, or seal pack, scratch on platter, condition of head, all head is present, filter condition, preamp, dust inside, head is on parking area, head unlock from parking, no scratch below platter on other heads,)
  • Steps for remove each platter and inspect surface, no scratch, before donor used 2. Head , Platter, Magnet Changing Practice
  • Practice on removing magnet & head replacement of hard disk (without and with tools)
  • Practice on platter replacement of hard disk (single platter, double platter)
  • Practice on spindle motor / body changing of hard disk (swapping case with spindle motor)
  • Basic Idea about how to unstuck head from platter • Idea about how to Unstuck spindle motor
  • After replacing head from donor to patient firmware work