Intersoft institute provide data recovery training as well as recover all types of hard disk. It also provides logical, physical data recovery course or PCB repair training. We can recover data from any type of drives, whether it’s internal or external, 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch, PATA os SSD or SSD’s, with any type of crash – including the classic Logical or Physical crashes. This training includes Data Recovery From following storage media:

Hard Disk Drives, RAID systems, Floppy drives, Pen drives, Flash memory, Zip drives, iPODs, Digital cameras, Memory cards, Mobile phone, Communicator, CDs.

Our PCB repair Services includes:

Power dead hard disk data Recovery
TVS diod Repair
Shorting PCB
Socket Repair
PCB Burn
Water Damage
Socket Repair
VCM controller
MCU Burn