Pen drive or USB Flash Drive is portable and movable storage device. It is smaller and comfortable to carry, quicker and easier to transfer the data from one device to another, more Durably and Reliably due to their lack of moving parts. Pen Drive or Flash Drive makes your immovable data movable. While travelling or going for a presentation we store all important data in a Pen Drive and relies on it. But along with the various advantages, it also had some disadvantage. data lost by water, data lost by virus, data lost by format.

Sometime clients come with the Physically damaged pen drive and Broken pen drive destroyed due to various reasons for eg. Power surges, static electricity, lightning strikes, fires, floods, disruption, viruses, accidents and user Error i.e. deleted files

Intersoft institute recover lost data from damaged or corrupted Pen Drive and provide complete solution for Pen Drive data recovery, USB flash Recovery. We successfully retain data from corrupted or damaged Pen Drives instantly and serve your need speedily and in an affordable manner.

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We try to retrieves lost data due to Human errors, Virus attacks, damaged file system, hardware malfunction, improper shutdown and various type of system failure. The pen drive data recovery software is the reliable solution for data recovery.