D2.1  SMD Basic electronics for hard disk components and PCB repair, tools demo
D2.2  Common problem in hard disk due to printed circuit board fault
D2.3  Introduction to HARD DISK PCB , block diagram section of hard disk,
D2.4  Power & protection section, DC to DC converter (Mosfet, other smd component working and power detail in hard disk)
D2.5  Mcu section, Data section, preamp section head (chip working concept power main signals)
D2.6 Buffer Ram, flash rom section (working concept types and main signals)
D 2.7  VCM Motor controller & read channel chip working concept and main signals
D 2.8  Live pcb tracing, different volt of pcb, fault finding of hard disk pcb
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D2.9  Identify hard disk pcb no for donor pcb (Samsung, Seagate, wd, Hitachi, Ibm , Maxtor)
D2.10  Replacing component and IC`s of hard disk (demo, video)
(understand different hard disk pcb, circuit troubleshooting chart )

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