• Common problems in wd hard disk due to firmware problems
  • Booting process of hard disk, Connection types of hard disk with firmware toosl
  • Types of hard disk and families , models, types architecture MDL DCM LBA
  • Identify families from model no ,
  • Types of hard disk pcb , pcb no , pcb families
  • Matchng USB hard disk pcb with SATA hard disk pcb
  • Basic idea of WD hard disk ROM firmware files, different extension
  • Types of module, unique main micro moduels
  • ROM Modules files (ROM FILES 0A, 0B/20B, 30, 47, 0D, 4F  )
  • Analysis of ROM Module Data Structure
  • Read, write , editing , regenerate of rom modules
  • Backup of ROM modules in service area
  • Structure of different rom module
  • Viewing editning identify, read , copy rom modules, ROM files
  • MAIN MODULES OF SERVICE AREA ( moduel 01, 11, 13, 5c, 10 1f , 02 , 35, 49 )
  • LDR file loading on WD hard disk, Directory listing Module ,
  • Key module for data backup old I series and new royl series
  • Read,write, repair, editing modules of wd hard disk s
  • Micro code firmware vertion, Wd fixing option

SPT value calculation, CASE study of WD hard disk firmware repair option

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