D3-1 MECHANICAL FAILURE PROBLEMS (common hard disk problems )
D3.2 Donor Selection of Different Hard Disk for patient
D3.3 Data recovery instrument detail and used detail with demo on opening hard disk
(clean room, head replacement, spindle motor remover, magnet remove tools, etc)
D3.4 Steps for opening hard disk, video, instruction, do , don’t while opening, donour selection, used of instruments
D3.5 Practice on magnet & head replacement of hard disk
D 3.6 Practice on platter replacement of hard disk
D3.7 Practice on spindle motor changing of hard disk
D3.8 Basic idea of data recovery from pen drive, memory card, flashcard
D3.9 Basic Introduction to hard disk firmware updating and high end instruments idea
D3.10 Data recovery common problems and solution to take Chart for hard disk repair

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